The Best behavioral economics blogs you should check

Omer Lewinsohn

Omer Lewinsohn

Behavioral Economics is a fascinating field that combines insights from psychology, judgment, decision-making, and economics to generate a more accurate understanding of human behavior. It provides us with the tools to understand how people make decisions and how these decisions impact the economy. If you’re interested in exploring this intriguing blend of psychology and economics, here are the top 10 best behavioral economics blogs that you should be following. If you are interested in the topic, you might want to read about the best behavioral economics books as well.

1.Behavioral Scientist

Behavioral Scientist

An authoritative voice in the world of behavioral economics, Behavioral Scientist is a non-profit online magazine that delivers thought-provoking articles from the frontlines of behavioral science. The blog covers various domains of behavioral science including business, culture, and education. The quality of the content is exceptional, making it a must-read for anyone interested in understanding human behavior in its various forms.

Key contributors: A team of leading researchers, practitioners, and journalists

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2.The People Equation

The People Equation

Run by Jennifer V. Miller, The People Equation blog focuses on human behavior in the workplace. Miller provides actionable insights on people management, leadership, and workplace culture. Her background in behavioral science reflects in her writing, making her blog an excellent resource for HR professionals and business leaders.

Key contributors: Jennifer V. Miller

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As the name suggests, is dedicated to the field of behavioral economics. This blog provides insightful content on current behavioral economic topics. Its extensive network of researchers and practitioners contribute to the blog, ensuring a diversity of perspectives.

Key contributors: A global network of behavioral economics professionals.

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4.Center for Advanced Hindsight Blog

Center for Advanced Hindsight Blog

Founded on the concept of hindsight bias, the Center for Advanced Hindsight offers a unique perspective on human behavior. This blog offers research-based insights on behavioral economics, focusing especially on health and finance. Its content is a blend of academic rigor and accessibility, making it a great read for both experts and laymen alike.

Key contributors: A team of researchers from Duke University.

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5.Jason Collins Blog

Jason Collins Blog

Jason Collins writes about behavioral science, data science, and economics on his blog. His posts are thought-provoking and offer a unique perspective on a range of topics. If you’re interested in a blog that dives deep into the intricacies of behavioral economics, this is a great place to start.

Key contributors: Jason Collins

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6.Behavioral Economics Blog

Behavioral Economics Blog

This blog is all about making behavioral economic science practical and accessible. The blog covers various topics and provides practical skills for conducting your own behavioral economics interventions. It’s a great resource for those looking to apply behavioral economics in their own work.

Key contributors: Paula Atienza

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Run by a group of behavioral economics enthusiasts, BE-Blog aims to share ideas and reflections on the field of behavioral economics. The blog is participatory and collaborative, making it a great platform for discussions on various topics in behavioral economics.

Key contributors: A team of behavioral economics enthusiasts from Italy.

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8.FourWeekMBA | Gennaro Cuofano

FourWeekMBA | Gennaro Cuofano

Gennaro Cuofano, the mind behind FourWeekMBA, provides insights on business, finance, digital marketing, and behavioral economics. His mission is to simplify business jargon and make it accessible to everyone. His blog is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in the intersection of business and behavioral economics.

Key contributors: Gennaro Cuofano

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Econlife offers a unique perspective on economics, providing stories about the present and the past from the U.S. and beyond. The blog covers a variety of topics, making an economic connection with each post. It’s a great resource for those looking to understand the economic implications of human behavior.

Key contributors: Elaine Schwartz

Social Profiles:Twitter,Facebook Blog Blog Blog is a comprehensive resource for understanding how behavioral economics can impact business success. The blog covers a variety of topics including decision making, organizational strategy, and behavioral economics. It’s a great resource for business leaders looking to leverage behavioral economics for business success.

Key contributors: A team of experienced business professionals.

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These behavioral economics blogs offer a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in understanding human behavior in the economic context. Whether you’re a business leader, an HR professional, a student, or simply a curious reader, these blogs will provide you with valuable insights and ideas. Happy reading!

Omer Lewinsohn

Omer Lewinsohn

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